Ambush City

The Roughest neighborhood in Surrey

back in 2007, tired of running games on the same forest field, a group of renegade ambush referees set out to build this masterpiece. The result is a monstrous field that instantly became a player favorite. The field is 450×250 feet and features a multitude of obstacles for players to hide behind such as a 200 foot long tire wall, various obstacles and even a boat!. This field is perfectly square and essentially identical on both sides, so neither team ever has an advantage.

Players like the City field for its Fast Pace, fair nature and how easily it is to spectate! City is located right beside the staging and registration area, and features a fully safety netted viewing area. This field is great for parents or spouses who wish to watch the games, yet don’t necessarily want to play themselves!

REFEREE TIP: Players who like this field find may find it very similar to a competition field. Ambush is home to the best comptition field in B.C! For more info check it out here!

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