What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a game that is similar to paintball, however uses “airsoft BB guns” instead. Airsoft is great for players who prefer a “millitary simulation” type of game. While we do not run games directly ourself, Ambush is lucky to be the host field of VANOPS airsoft who run weekly airsoft games at our field.

Ambush Paintball is the Host Venue to a group called “Vanops Airsoft”

for more info, you can visit their website here!

or find them on facebook here: logo

Airsoft Gun Owner Player Pricing

 Airsoft Drop-In Rental Player Pricing The all day Field Fee for Gun Owners is $25 including taxes

Individual Rentals – $50 including taxes

  • Mask for eye and face protection
  • Airsoft rifle (AEG aka an airsoft machine-gun!)
  • Tactical vest
  • 2 magazines ammunition
  • Field fee included

NOTE: while reserving a a rental spot on drop in days inst required, if you intend on renting it is definitely a smart idea to call ahead and reserve your weaponry. No deposit required for public drop in rental reservations. To book your airsoft reservation please call the ambush hotline at 604 812 2379 

PRIVATE GROUP Player Pricing

We offer private airsoft groups any day of the week. Unlike standard airsoft bookings, Private reservations are for those who wish to play by themselves as a separate group. These groups are available any day of the week. In order to book privately, all that we require is that you prepay for your group a minimum of 48 hours before it is to start, and have a minimum of 10 players; either rental or gun owner (or be willing to pay the difference).

To book your airsoft private booking please call us at 604-474-1499 or email at

Game Schedule

Games Run (almost) Every Sunday! Field Hours Are 10am-5pm.
Feel free to call us anytime @ 604-474-1499 or email at for current schedule info, as well as any questions you may have!

Additional Items A La Carte

  • Extra Magazine of Ammo : $10
  • Extra Battery : $10
  • Pop/Water : $1
  • Mask Rental : $7
  • Barrel Sock Rental : $5
  • Locker Rental : free just bring a lock!


  • Speed limit is 400fps and it is strictly enforced
  • All players/attendees must listen to and obey ambush staff while @ Ambush Paintball
  • All participants and spectators that are on field must wear goggles that 100% fully enclose your eyes and are designed for airsoft or paintball. Shooting glasses or shop glasses are not acceptable, as they leave your eyes exposed and open to a catastrophic injury.
  • All players must play with honor and respect the others on the field
  • All players must have a barrel blocking device when not on the field
  • Drugs and Alcohol are not permitted
  • All players must be at least 13
  • Players under 18 must have an adult sign a waiver form. 11 years old is minimum age to play.
  • All players must sign a waiver form prior to playing. One waiver per player per visit.
  • This is a field for all. Respect all players, and people. Absolutuely no threats, yelling, physical contact, fighting or other undesirable behavior.
  • Do Not Litter
  • All players must attend and comprehend a saftey lesson at the start of their session
  • Ambush reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. dont be a jerk please