Covid 19 Ambush Update

Summer 2023 Update:
Throughout the pandemic Ambush adapted & complied with all of the Provincial Covid-19 pandemic protocols. With the pandemic now no longer an emergency, Ambush is no longer asking players to wear masks or do our health inventory prior to play. We do ask that all players to do a personal health check BEFORE arriving at the field and if you feel sick, we strongly encourage you to delay your day of play until you are feeling better. Ambush will continue to provide hand sanitation stations, disinfected masks and equipment, and encourage social distancing where possible. As we are an outdoor facility, we have lots of place for everyone!

Ambush encourages all drop in players to call ahead and reserve a spot to make sure you have a spot on the day of play. Groups of 10 or more are still available weekdays by reservation only.
* Ambush has the right to refuse admission if Covid Protocols are not behind adhered to.