Grassy Mounds

Nature Has Reclaimed this Barren Wasteland

What was once a forest, was clear cut in the 1950’s to make way for a farmers field. After decades of crops, it was left for the grass and prickle bushes to reclaim the land. We at ambush decided that this area would make a pretty cool field, so we got our machetés out and started chopping

The result is the field you see today. We tend to allow the grass to grow a little longer than our other fields making for a maze like experience, however we still keep it well groomed so players are safe. There are several dirt mounds, some man made structures and even a few RV’s to provide cover when the grass is no longer enough. This field is fun for smaller groups!

REFEREE PRO TIP: This is a bad field to “camp” on. It is easy for players to sneak up on you, so stay moving!

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