What is Airsoft? 

Ambush is excited to be working with AirsoftX this year! We have some exciting partnership ideas in the works and the airsofters have become part of our Ambush Community!

Airsoft is a game that is similar to paintball, however uses “airsoft BB guns” instead. Airsoft is great for players who prefer a “millitary simulation” type of game. While Ambush does not run games directly, Ambush is lucky to be the host field of AirsoftX who run weekly Airsoft games at our field every Sunday morning. All Airsoft players must book through AirsoftX.

Interested in trying Airsoft our or joining in with their group?
Rentals are available if booked through AirsoftX in advance. 
PRICE: $60 (includes mask, M4, 3 magazines with 1000 rounds, vest/carrier, entry fee.
Call Gino for more information at 604-499-2275 or email him at

For more information OR to reserve Airsoft rentals, visit their website here!